Eastern Canadian Moose

The Eastern Canadian Moose was introduced to the province of Newfoundland in Gander Bay in 1878 and Howley in 1904.  The population has been thriving ever since; especially in areas such as Gros Morne National Park.  Currently, there is no legal hunting in the park, therefore, due to the protection in the area of the Eastern Canadian Moose,  the population has become exceedingly high.  Our camp is set up bordering Gros Morne National Park and benefits from the overflow of Moose to the surrounding area.

Mature Eastern Canadian Moose range in weight from 600 to 1400 pounds.  Moose can grow up to seven feet tall at the shoulders and can be 10 feet in length.  Male moose have antlers that can be 45 inches or larger in width and are often considered a trophy.

Pounds on average (adult male)

Year Lifespan on Average

Metres tall on average

Feet in length